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Adding Email Headers Based on Detections

Avanan can now add email headers to incoming emails, based on their inspection results.

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Email Investigation is taken to the next level with SmartPhish Analysis

Avanan is excited to announce that the Email details page will now include new info-panels, providing new insights from SmartPhish. The new insights reveal the SmartPhish AI conclusion for the analyze...

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O365 Email attributes can now be refreshed

Office 365 Emails are processed when the emails are sent to the recipients. In inline mode the email is processed prior to delivery to the inbox. We currently do not update the email attributes automa...

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Email Release From Quarantine - now performed for all recipients

When releasing an email from quarantine it is now being released to all email recipients.

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Change to Office 365 email splitting behavior

Deployment starts July 20th, 2020.

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