Deployment starts July 20th, 2020.

This feature may change email notifications.

Avanan Message Transfer Agent (MTA) behavior is changing when handling email sent to aliases and distribution lists. Until now Avanan used to split emails that were sent to aliases and distribution lists into email-per-recipient. In the Avanan Portal, when searching for emails, several entries appeared.

Starting now, Avanan will stop splitting these emails. This change has several improvements and implications:

  • When searching for emails (i.e. via Mail Explorer), a single entry would be presented (instead of email-per-recipient).

  • Manual Actions now can be applied once.

  • In cases where multiple policies are in place (for different user groups), multiple workflows can be applied to the same email. In these cases, the most strict policy would be applied on all recipients.

  • When End-User is allowed to restore the email (according to policy definition) - a new dialog would be popping up, where the user would need to specify the email address for which the email would be released.


    An email with a verification code would be sent to the specified email address, and the user would need to enter the code on the verification page.

  • The default email templates for admins and end-user notifications are changing to reflect the new behavior mentioned above.

    If you customized the email templates, no changes would be applied.