Avanan is excited to announce that the Email details page will now include new info-panels, providing new insights from SmartPhish. The new insights reveal the SmartPhish AI conclusion for the analyzed email, as well as the technical analysis of the URLs and email attributes.

How the new Info Panels help Security Admins?

The new info panels help the security admins to understand why Avanan reached the decision to mark the email as clean or malicious. The detailed information will assist the admins when investigating security incidents, as well as requests from end-users to release emails from quarantine or reports on potentially missed phishing.

The new email analysis info panels are added to the existing Email page. The insights are provided by the SmartPhish engine, breaking down the impact that different parts of the email had on the AI model. The new panels also highlight the different suspicious paragraphs in the email body and provide technical analysis on the sender, URLs, and email traffic.

What type of Info Panels are supported?

1. AI Models Overview

Present the Phishing and Spam scores that SmartPhish provided to the email, compared with the configured sensitivity.

2. AI Model Impact

The positive and negative impact that different analysis aspects (such as text analysis, sender reputation, and more) had on the AI model decision.

3. AI Textual analysis of Email Body

Present text analysis of the email body (for users that are allowed to access private information), including key paragraphs highlighting. The analysis also includes indications on the sender and reply-to, such as SPF and DMARC check failures.

The textual analysis also highlights the main entities in the email body - organizations, locations, and more.

4. Link Analysis

Analysis of the links in the email body, including protocol issues, domain analysis, and other URL indications.

5. Relationship Strength

Analyze the volume of email traffic between the sender (including sender domain) and the recipient (including the protected domain).

6. Email Transport Chain

Present the route of the email from the sender to the recipient, highlighting potentially malicious hops en route - such as VPNs, proxies, and MTAs.