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Enhanced Focus on Account Takeover Events

Critical anomalies, indicating compromised accounts, are now more prominent in the main dashboard and in email alerts sent to administrators. 

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Anomaly 'Mass Senders' now allows exceptions

It is now possible to add exceptions to the 'Mass Sender' anomaly and allow mass emails from specific users.

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New Anomaly: new Delete-All-Emails rule

Avanan now detects a new delete-all-emails rule anomaly.

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New Anomaly: Suspicious MFA login failure

Avanan Anomalies engine now detects a new type of anomaly: Suspicious MFA login failure.

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New Anomaly: Massive Senders

Avanan Anomalies engine now detects a new type of anomaly: Massive Senders.

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New Anomaly: vulnerable browser in use

Avanan Anomaly Detection Engine now supports a new anomaly - end-users make use of an old, vulnerable browser.

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New anomaly: mail forwarding via inbox rule

A new anomaly is now supported: "mail forwarding via inbox rule".

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Intra-Country Geo-Suspicious Events

Avanan Anomaly Detection engine now supports the detection of anomalies within a country.

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