The Microsoft Office 365 Email onboarding process is updating. 

What is changing in the new onboarding?

The new onboarding is changing and improving the following:

  • Moving to an Office 365 application access, that would eliminate the need for Service User and reduce the authentication complexity.
  • New authentication process, recommended by Microsoft.
  • Use new PowerShell for the application
  • Clear progress using the new System Tasks

This update is based on the previously announced changes to the O365 Connectors, improving the email routing for inline customers.

The Impact of the change

The new onboarding affects customers that did not integrate their Avanan account with Office 365 Email already.

For existing customers that completed their O365 Email onboarding process no changes expected.

Additional information

More information on the new automated onboarding is available here.

More information on the new manual onboarding is available here.


Deployment begins Nov 4th, 2020.