As part of an ongoing effort to provide more visibility and control over the system, Avanan UI now presents System Tasks information.

What are System Tasks?

System tasks are processes executed by the Avanan system. Some operations are long, and there is no reason for our users to pause their work and wait for them to finish. Instead, we introduced processes that run in the background, and don’t block the user from investigating attacks and protecting their environment.

The systems tasks are part of the system auditing, allowing our users to track the actions that were performed by in and by the system.

The first system task supported is Office 365 Email Onboarding. As onboarding can take a long time (in some cases more than 10 minutes), once the user finishes the onboarding wizard, a system task is executed behind the scenes and provides feedback only in case of a failure.

How do System Tasks work?

System tasks are located under the “Audit” menu. In this screen, you can see all the tasks that were executed with their status.


Clicking on one of the tasks shows a dialog that presents the current task status, with all the steps executed. In case of a failure - also the error reason.

In the case of failed system tasks, an indication would be presented in the dashboard. Tasks related to a specific SAAS would present an indication next to the SAAS protection status.

For more information on System Tasks read the Documentation article..