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Anti-Phishing Allow-List and Block-List based on Email Headers

Smart-Phish now supports Allow-Listing and Block-Listing emails based on their headers

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Email Investigation is taken to the next level with SmartPhish Analysis

Avanan is excited to announce that the Email details page will now include new info-panels, providing new insights from SmartPhish. The new insights reveal the SmartPhish AI conclusion for the analyze...

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Blocking emails with encrypted attachments

Avanan has upgraded the detection and added available actions to mitigate encrypted attachments.

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SmartPhish detection now presents allowlist/blocklist rule information

SmartPhish supports both Allowlist and Blocklist rules, which order the engine to skip detection or block the email, respectively.

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SmartPhish protects against Conversation Hijacking

Avanan SmartPhish now protects Email 'Conversation Hijacking'. Conversation-Hijacking is a type of attack in which the attacker manages to infiltrate legitimate email threads between people, impersona...

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New: Disable phishing protection for non-existing email accounts

SmartPhish now allows to select whether to scan emails directed to non-existing email inboxes. This option may be useful when many phishing emails are directed at non-existing email accounts.

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SmartPhish configuration "MTA" field now support IP addresses

SmartPhish engine configuration "SMTP host/s acting as Mail Transfer Agent/s (MTA)" field now supports IP addresses, as well as domain names.

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