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Link Re-Writing Inside Attachments

Links inside attachments are now replaced, so that the websites behind them are inspected every time the link is clicked by an end user

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Adding Email Headers Based on Detections

Avanan can now add email headers to incoming emails, based on their inspection results.

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Post-Onboarding Retroactive Scan - After Learning Mode

Post-onboarding retroactive scan will now take place after Learning Mode is complete and only for customers with under 500 users.

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Email Profile Page now Includes the Message ID

The Email Profile page now includes the Message ID of the email, allowing faster follow-up incident research 

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Enhanced Phishing Detection with Post-Onboarding Learning Mode

Introducing post-onboarding Learning Mode - a set of automated processes run right after onboarding to provide enhanced phishing detections from day one

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Phishing Emails Analysis - Sender Correspondence History

The details page of a detected phishing email now includes an instant view of the suspicious sender's correspondence history with the protected domains

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Multiple Phishing Reporting Mailboxes

Avanan now supports defining multiple mailboxes to which users send emails they believe are phishing.

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Restore Requests and User Reported Phishing enhancements

The Restore Requests screen and the User Reported Phishing screen have been upgraded to include filters and maintain entries history.

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