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SmartVault - Secure Messaging for Outgoing Gmail Emails

Administrators can now choose to encrypt outgoing Gmail Email as part of the DLP policy

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Prevent Sensitive Data Leaking (DLP) in Gmail Emails

Outgoing Gmail emails containing DLP violations can now be blocked before being sent out.

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Enhanced Visibility to the Enforcement Actions Google Took on Emails

Administrators now have visibility to how Avanan classified emails that Google decided to let through to end users and are able to filter emails by Google’s enforcement decision.

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Multi-Factor Authentication Support for Google Service Users

Multi-Factor Authentication can now be enabled for the Avanan service user created when connecting to Google Workspace.

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Enhanced Reporting on Microsoft / Google Misses and Detected Phishing Teams Messages

The Security Checkup report now details the way Microsoft / Google would have handled malicious emails and provides visibility to detected phishing Teams messages

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Ensure Emails that are Allow-Listed by Avanan are not Quarantined by Microsoft/Google

Avanan can be configured to ensure allow-listed emails are not quarantined or moved to Junk by Microsoft or Google.

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