Multi-Factor Authentication can now be enabled for the Avanan service user created when connecting to Google Workspace.

Multi-Factor Authentication is a key component in protecting accounts from being compromised.

When starting protection for Google Workspace applications – Gmail or Google Drive - Avanan creates a service user with elevated permissions in order to automatically orchestrate the email flow and perform all of the required actions on protected emails, files and users.

Avanan now allows this user to have Multi-Factor Authentication enabled.

In the OU managing the created service user (root by default), the following settings are supported:

  1. Allow users to turn on 2-Step Verification must be enabled
  2. All selections under Enforcement are supported
  3. All selections under Methods are supported
    1. In case Only security key is selected, all selections under it are supported except for Don’t allow users to generate security codes


Furthermore, if you already have Avanan protecting your Google Workspace applications, you can now enable Multi-Factor Authentication for the service user.