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Enhanced Protection against Zero-Day Malware behind Direct Download Links

Files that are behind direct download links are now emulated by the Check Point sandbox

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Re-Writing Links behind QR Codes

Link re-writing is enhanced to also replace QR codes with new ones that point to a re-written link

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Link Re-Writing Inside Attachments

Links inside attachments are now replaced, so that the websites behind them are inspected every time the link is clicked by an end user

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Click-Time Protection - Replaced URL Domain Change

Avanan's Click-Time Protection URL Format is now simpler, shorter and its domain is different

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Click-Time Protection - URL Emulation

Avanan's Click-Time Protection now also emulates websites behind links, to detect elusive zero-day phishing websites.

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New Rewritten URL format in Click Time Protection

Click Time Protection is Avanan's URL time-of-click protection solution. When the email is processed by Avanan in Inline mode, a rewrite mechanism is wrapping the original URL to point to Avanan's ser...

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Click Time Protection - new URL pattern

A new version of ClickTime Protection Rewritten URL Format (v2) is now available.

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Click-Time Protection Scan Details - adding User Agent, IP

Click Time Protection is Avanan's URL time-of-click protection solution. It allows Avanan to scan URLs when the user clicks on a URL in the email body, by rewriting the URLs when the email arrives and...

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Click-Time Protection now supports email-based alerts

Deployment starts July 20th, 2020. Click-Time Protection policy now supports email-based notifications to Administrators.

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