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Uncheck All action in Mail Explorer

Mail Explorer allows to include some of the filters in the Allowlist/Blocklist rules. These filters include checkboxes, which can be enabled and disabled. When presented in 'similar emails' mode, rele...

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Mail explorer now allows to Release Emails from Quarantine

The Avanan Mail Explorer now allows 'release email from quarantine' action.

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Mail Explorer and Blocklist rules now allows to match partial URLs

URL search in email body can now match also part of the URL. 

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Mail Explorer - Case Insensitive Search and Partial Match

Searching in Mail Explorer will now become case insensitive in all relevant search fields. The search will also match partial text.

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Creating Block-list and Allow-list now shows operation summary

With the new Mail Explorer it is very simple to create Block-list and Allow-list - just fill the desired attributes as criteria of the rule and click 'Create Block-list rule' or 'Create Allow-list rul...

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