In Mail Explorer, administrators can now define And or Or operators between the different Microsoft and Avanan detections and enforcements.

With the introduction of the latest visibility enhancements to the Microsoft inspection results and to emails quarantined by Microsoft, administrators can now answer important questions on their email security posture.

As Mail explorer is one of the main tools to answer these questions, it now introduces a more granular filtering capability.

Under the Detection and Quarantine State fields, when values are selected under Microsoft and Avanan, administrators can now decide whether the operator between them will be And or Or. Examples:

  • Administrators want to find all emails missed by Microsoft that were flagged as malicious by Avanan
    • Under Detection they should select Microsoft: Clean AND Avanan: Phishing, Malware
  • Administrators wants to find all quarantined items
    • Under Quarantine State they should select: Microsoft: Quarantined OR Avanan: Quarantined


 Note – this feature is being deployed gradually. You should see it in your portal by the end of the week.