5 Questions Your Email Security Vendor Doesn't Want You to Ask 

Email gateways including Proofpoint, Mimecast and Barracuda were designed to protect on-prem email servers, but when you moved your email to the cloud, it revealed five vulnerabilities that continue to expose your users to attacks. It's why companies are ditching SEGs in droves

If you have an email gateway, or are considering one, you need to ask the vendor these five questions. These questions touch upon the inherent architectural deficiencies of their proxy design. 

Download our white paper to learn the definitive answers to these questions—and why Avanan’s answers are more effective. 


The Avanan solution allows us to have a comprehensive email security solution that integrates seamlessly with our Office 365 environment while "staying enough out of the way" as to not hinder productivity.

— Infrastructure and Operations Analyst in Manufacturing