Avanan Portal is undergoing a major facelift. We're improving the  experience and enhancing the underlying UI framework.

The new portal was released as a public preview for customers a few months ago, and now we're ready for the next step: switching the new portal to be the default UI.

The change will take place starting January 4th, 2021. The rollout will be gradual, and a different subset of the portals will be affected by the change every few days.

Why do we release the new portal?

The new portal provides many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced performance: the new portal will present improved performance. We tried to reduce the pages load time, as well as the data presentation time.

  • Unified experience: with the new portal we'd present a more consistent look and behavior across different features.

  • Modern look: the new UI look and feel is more modern and clean, and easier to understand.

At the beginning there will be minor change to the portal behavior, allowing all our customers a smooth transition. Over time we will enhance large part of the portal, and announce each release separately.

The legacy portal will be available for a while, in a new URL. We will show a banner on the portal, allowing the admins to redirect back to that portal.

Issues and support

If any issue is found with the new portal, you can always contact Avanan Support.

We will appreciate feedback as well.