The Avanan is having a major facelift. We're replacing the entire portal, improving the  experience, and enhancing the underlying UI framework. The new portal will becomes available for Avanan customers as a Public Preview starting next week.

What is the big news?

The new portal provides many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced performance: the new portal will present improved performance. We tried to reduce the pages load time, as well as the data presentation time.

  • Unified experience: with the new portal we'd present a more consistent look and behavior across different features.

  • Modern look: the new UI look and feel is more modern and clean, and easier to understand.

The new portal is still in development phase, and we'd continue to improve it over the next few months.

How does it look?

Here is a sneak peek to the new Homepage:

How will you refer me to the new portal?

We'd soon add a banner to the existing portal, referring you to the new portal.

Look for the banner in your portal starting next week.

Can I give you feedback?

Of course, we'd welcome your feedback.

If something not working as expected or is unclear, please open a ticket with Avanan Suport.

We'd also welcome suggestions for improvements.

With our customer feedback we'd improve the new portal, until it will replace the existing portal.