A dedicated portal for end users to view and restore their quarantined emails.

Organizations need their end users to get their emails in order to run the business.

So in the rare case an email is falsely quarantined by Avanan or by Microsoft (without being automatically released by Avanan) – they need them, and fast.

Until now, end users could check their last quarantine digest email and even generate a new one on demand.

Avanan introduces the End User Email Security Portal, where end-users can see all their quarantined emails, filter through them, preview them and restore or submit restore requests for them – all in accordance with the defined organizational policies.

With this new portal, the productivity of your end users is enhanced without compromising on security or compliance.

To open the portal for your end users, go to Security Settings > User Interaction > Quarantine > Email Security Portal for End Users and enable the toggle:

After enabling the toggle, your end users will be able to access the portal at  https://email-security-portal.avanan.net

Note – this feature is being deployed gradually. You should see it in your portal in the next 3 weeks.