Administrators can select to automatically release emails from the Microsoft quarantine if Avanan classifies them as clean.

For years, Avanan’s main task was to complement Microsoft’s security by finding the malicious emails Microsoft missed and quarantining them before they reached the end user mailbox.

Recently, with the introduction of Microsoft’s Secure by Default approach, emails found by Microsoft as High-Confidence Phishing are quarantined regardless of other selected Microsoft workflows.

While this approach is indeed more secure, false positives in High-Confidence Phishing detections make administrators spend a lot of time releasing them from quarantine.

Avanan already integrates with the Microsoft quarantine and inspects every Microsoft-quarantined email.
It can now be configured to automatically release emails quarantined by Microsoft for being High-Confidence Phishing emails, if Avanan classified them as clean.
Administrators can also select to restore those emails if Avanan classified them as Spam or Suspected Phishing.

To do that go to Security Settings > User Interaction > Quarantine > Emails Quarantined by Microsoft >  Emails Quarantined by Microsoft as High-Confidence Phishing, check the Automatically restore… box and select your preferred Avanan verdicts.

Emails automatically restored by Avanan will be marked as such in the Email Profile page:

Note – this feature is being deployed gradually. You should see it in your portal during the next 14 days.