Avanan now provides automated configuration of Office 365 Encryption rules. These rules would encrypt emails that were identified by Avanan DLP (include sensitive information such as financial, health information or PII), protecting your sensitive information automatically.

What is Avanan DLP

Avanan DLP scan emails and files for sensitive information with ease, by using a common DLP solution for all platforms. Avanan enables you to create universal policies across multiple cloud applications, including Office 365 mail. Our advanced tools identify and mark files containing confidential, financial, and personally identifiable information, including: credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank routing numbers, or data protected under HIPAA.

With Avanan DLP you can stop data leakage by using automated actions. Avanan also generates actionable alerts.

Office 365 Encryption with Avanan

Avanan DLP policies for Office 365 include workflows that define the behavior in case sensitive information is discovered. These actions include options to block the emails and alert the user, and one of the options allows the security admin to encrypt the email using Microsoft Office 365 Encryption.

Once a policy is generated with such configuration, Avanan creates for you the needed encryption rules in Office 365. If your Office 365 is protected with Multi Factor Authentication, you will be prompted to specify the needed information during the configuration process.


To learn more on Office 365 encryption read the following article by Microsoft. This article also explains how to read the encrypted emails with different client types.

To learn more on Avanan DLP and Encryption workflows read the following document.