Avanan is excited to announce SmartDLP, a new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Machine-Learning engine powered by Avanan! SmartDLP will be added as an additional option to the 3rd party options we already have on the platform and will help Avanan's customers protect their organization's data from potential data breaches or data ex-filtration transmissions.

This release is the first part of our long term commitment to provide a best-in-class technology for data classification. We’re already working on additional capabilities to improve classification, enhanced UI for customer-specific configuration, and additional policy/action enhancements.

Avanan Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

SmartDLP solution allows you to control your data in the cloud and meet your industry’s compliance regulations. SmartDLP allows you to easily set up DLP policies across the protected cloud platforms, detect sensitive information that is being sent or shared, and define the actions to be taken, such as blocking the operation or encrypting the data. 

SmartDLP comes with powerful default settings that are already tuned to your geography - United States, European Union, Canada, etc, and then allows you to configure your customer-specific policy with the set of DLP rules relevant to you, out of +100 available rule.

What is SmartDLP?

SmartDLP is a powerful A.I. engine that combines several DLP classification tools with both Avanan’s Machine-Learning and 3rd party pattern classifiers. It detects data patterns over emails, files (email attachments and files hosted on file-sharing services), and text messages posted on collaboration platforms. 

SmartDLP findings are processed by the standard Avanan DLP policies that generate security events and determine what actions to apply - add to vault, encrypt, block, and notify. SmartDLP provides the necessary information on the security events that can be used during the investigation process.

Upgrade Plan

SmartDLP now becomes the default DLP engine on the Avanan Platform.

After extensive side-by-side comparison of SmartDLP to the other stand-alone DLP engines on the Avanan platform, our team was able to verify the superior performance of SmartDLP in both additional findings and lower false-positive rates. Accordingly, we plan to start rolling it out to all our customers. Starting with the upgrade of Oct 4th and over the course of the month of October, this new capability will be rolled out to all Avanan’s DLP customers.

The power of Avanan DLP with SmartDLP

Avanan’s DLP solution, powered by SmartDLP offers the best of all worlds!

  • Powerful DLP engine to detect potential data leakage
  • Scan emails, files and text messages using the same security engine
  • Use the same security policies and experience across all protected cloud platforms
  • Incident Response made easy with Avanan events console. Review security events, find similar incidents and campaigns
  • Seamless integration with other security engines offered on the Avanan Platform, including SmartPhish
  • No additional setup required! You can easily start scanning protected cloud platforms using Avanan’s DLP policies


  • Q: Why do you change the default DLP engine?
    A: We want to provide better detection and end-user experience to our customers! The new DLP solution offers a better detection rate, performance & reliability at scale, more flexibility and configuration options. Also, we have big plans for our DLP solution, and the new engine will allow us to enhance our DLP solution even better in the near future!
  • Q: Does SmartDLP offer the same capabilities as the previous Avanan default DLP solution?
    A: Yes, and more.
  • Q: Do I have to change anything on my Avanan setup to enjoy the new SmartDLP engine?
    A: No. If you previously used the Avanan DLP default engine then SmartDLP is enabled for you automatically, no extra steps are required.
  • Q: How do I start with Avanan DLP?
    A: For more information on the Avanan DLP solution, you can check the DLP documentation article.