An Avanan Webinar

Office 365 vs G Suite: Which Is More Secure?

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Sometimes, the simplest questions have the most difficult answers. This is the case when you ask yourself, “Is Office 365 or G Suite more secure?” You might turn to product documentation and feature lists, only to find that each company has different names for the same things.

But when you focus on 3 key questions, identifying which platform has better security actually becomes simple.

1. Which platform do hackers target more?

2. What is the reach of security within each platform?
Does O365 security extend to Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, and teams? Does G Suite security extend to Gmail, Drive, and Hangouts?

3. Does O365 or G Suite have a higher catch rate for malware and phishing?

In this webinar, we answered these 3 questions and shared the methodology behind our research. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how the subtle differences in O365 and G Suite security features shape the overall safety of each platform.

Webinar Hosts


Michael Landewe, Avanan Co-founder


Yoav Nathaniel, Lead Security Analyst