Key Findings from the

2019 Global Phish Report

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A breakdown of the most important phishing report of the year.

In this web briefing, we go through the key takeaways from the Global Phish Report, providing deeper context of what they mean to you and your organization.

Starting with a deep dive into the numbers surrounding phishing attacks. Answering questions such as how common are phishing attacks, how big of a threat is a phishing attack to your organization, and what are the costs of a phishing attack.

Next we take a look at the different phishing methods, how they work, what they are after, and how to detect them. Each phishing method has different goals and different techniques in accomplishing those goals. They also each have their own indicators that can be spotted to more easily identify them.

Finally, we explore the road ahead in the fight against phishing. What are the options for protecting against these attacks, what are the benefits and shortcomings of different security strategies, and what analysts recommend to keep your organization safe.

Highlights from the 2019 Global Phish Report:

  • 25% of phishing emails bypassed Office 365 default security
  • 1 of every 25 branded emails is phishing
  • 98% of emails containing a crypto-wallet address are phishing
  • Over half of all phishing emails contain malware

Session Hosts


Michael Landewe, Avanan Co-founder


Michael Hiskey, Avanan CMO