Check Point Software’s 2022 Cyber Security Report

The 2022 Cyber Security Report uncovers the key cybersecurity trends from 2021, including a supply chain attack ‘frenzy’ and increased disruption to everyday life. Education and Research were revealed as the most targeted sector.

From the ‘SolarWinds’ attack at the beginning of the year, which presented a whole new level of sophistication and spread, all the way through to December and the influx of ‘Apache Log4j’ vulnerability exploitations, the 2022 Cyber Security Report reveals the key attack vectors and techniques witnessed by Check Point Research (CPR) during 2021.

The 2022 Cyber Security Report gives a detailed overview of the cyber threat landscape and recommendations on how to prevent the next cyber pandemic. These findings are based on data drawn from Check Point Software’s ThreatCloud Intelligence between January and December 2021, highlighting the key tactics cyber-criminals are using to attack businesses.

2022 Cyber Security Report
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— Infrastructure and Operations Analyst in Manufacturing