Security Awareness and Email Security

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Email Security and Security Awareness are both methods that companies can use to help reduce the risks associated with email and Phishing. However, many companies do not deploy both of these defenses and there are misperceptions about the effectiveness of Email Security and Security Awareness.

If you have Email Security do you still need to train your users on how to recognize a Phish? What are the differences between the many types of email security products out there? How can you get Security Awareness Training to actually mimic real cyber threats? We take a look at these questions and more in this webinar.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • Email Security - how it works
  • Different options of Email Security
  • Security Awareness Training and how to make it effective
  • How to weave Email Security in with Security Awareness Training for optimal results

Session Hosts

Jeff Raymond

Jeff Raymond
Sr. Solutions Engineer | Avanan

Craig Sandman

Craig Sandman
President and Co-Founder | Symbol Security

Avanan and Symbol Security
The Avanan solution allows us to have a comprehensive email security solution that integrates seamlessly with our Office 365 environment while "staying enough out of the way" as to not hinder productivity.

— Infrastructure and Operations Analyst in Manufacturing