The Zero Day Malware Report

Organizations today are experiencing previously unseen volumes of email traffic. This is in part due to the shift to remote working because of the recent Covid-19 pandemic. As such, email has become an increasingly lucrative target for cyber attackers. Phishing, impersonation, and malware attacks are all rampant, and most organizations are still only marginally protected against these types of attacks.

In this report, we'll discuss the research and findings, the importance of scanning for malware and ransomware, and why basic AV scanning isn't enough. As this report shows, securing your enterprise without proper malware protection is a recipe for disaster. Some of today's most popular email security solutions do not effectively scan for unknown malware, and don't have the experience necessary to block sophisticated malicious attachments. Without proper malware scanning, organizations leave themselves vulnerable to ransomware and other harmful attacks.

Download the report to see the key components of an effective email security solution.

Unknown 360 Email Test Report
The Avanan solution allows us to have a comprehensive email security solution that integrates seamlessly with our Office 365 environment while "staying enough out of the way" as to not hinder productivity.

— Infrastructure and Operations Analyst in Manufacturing