From Skeptics to Converts: How This Biotech Firm Became Avanan Believers

This biotech company was looking for a full-fledged security solution, ideally one that was API-based. As a biotech company working with sensitive data, they were worried about some of the attacks on medical companies from nation-states, particularly in the age of COVID-19. Diagnosis Co. needed a solution that prevented sensitive information from leaving the company, Though they were skeptical of email security in general, they knew they had to take action and were looking for an all-encompassing solution that could protect their email and file- sharing services, while keeping sensitive data in house.

"It’s Different and We’re Loving It"

"It Was Doing Exactly What It Said"

The Avanan solution allows us to have a comprehensive email security solution that integrates seamlessly with our Office 365 environment while "staying enough out of the way" as to not hinder productivity.

— Infrastructure and Operations Analyst in Manufacturing