Why This Biotech Research Firm Replaced Proofpoint to Protect Microsoft Office 365

Your company has just been the victim of a whalephishing attack. Multiple credential harvesting emails were reaching user inboxes. Proofpoint, the current solution, wasn't working.

What do you do? Start using Avanan. On day one of the trial, Avanan stopped another whalephishing attack directed at the CEO. It also stopped malware campaigns aimed at the company's SharePoint and OneDrive accounts.

"It was a game-changer," the IT Director told Avanan. And it earned him "a quick win."

Learn how Avanan calmed the seas and allowed the firm to get back to researching. 

The Avanan solution allows us to have a comprehensive email security solution that integrates seamlessly with our Office 365 environment while "staying enough out of the way" as to not hinder productivity.

— Infrastructure and Operations Analyst in Manufacturing