The Quarantine View and End User Quarantine Reports now Include Emails Quarantined by Microsoft

There is a well-established understanding in the market that organizations need an additional email security layer on top of Microsoft’s.

However, while (almost) no malicious emails get to the end user’s mailboxes, adding another security layer on top of Microsoft used to come with a usability penalty, both to end users and administrators.

If an email unexpectedly did not arrive to an end user’s mailbox:

  • Administrators needed to look for the email in two dashboards – Microsoft’s and the other layer’s
  • End users needed to get two periodic quarantine reports (digests) – Microsoft’s and the other layer’s

Avanan now introduces its Unified Quarantine – using our API integration with Microsoft to completely remove this usability penalty.

  • The Quarantined Items view now allows admins to see and restore all quarantined emails, whether they were quarantined by Microsoft or Avanan.
  • The end-user quarantine report (digest) includes emails quarantined by Avanan and by Microsoft:
    • Administrators can configure – for each Microsoft detection - whether end users can request a restore, restore on their own, or are not able to restore the emails at all
    • All restore requests submitted by end users will be available for the administrators in the Restore Requests dashboard

Note - This feature is being deployed gradually – you should see it in your portal during the next 2 weeks.