It is now possible to send feedback to the end-users when declining their requests, allowing admins to better interact with the users and provide them meaningful feedback. Avanan allows the end-users to communicate with the admins - requests to release emails from quarantine or report suspicious emails as phishing. The admins can either approve or ignore the requests when a quarantined email is found malicious, or the reported email is actually clean. Until now the users did not get any feedback when their request was declined.

Starting now, when declining requests from the users, a popup dialog is launched, allowing the admin to enter text that explains why the request was declined. 

The text can be included in the notification email sent to the user. A new placeholder is now available in the decline notification email templates: {decline_reason}, it will be populated with the text entered in the dialog.

This feature will allow the admins to teach their users why the email they reported is safe, and why their request to release an email was declined.

This option is also enabled for IRaaS customers, where the Avanan Analyst adds an explanation when declining requests.