End users can now generate a fresh quarantine report (digest) for the last 24 hours at any time.

Organizations often send their end users a periodic quarantine digest, listing the emails that were sent to the end users and placed in quarantine over the last day / hour / other.

The quarantine digest helps in most cases when end users need to find their lost emails.

However, if users know an email was sent to them just now and they need to see if it was quarantined – they have to wait for the next quarantine digest to be sent to them.

Avanan now allows administrators to add a link at the bottom of the quarantine digest email so that end users can click it to immediately generate a new quarantine digest email for the emails that were quarantined in the last 24 hours.

This way – they can instantly get visibility of their emails that are in quarantine, allowing them to react fast and restore them (or request they be restored).

The link is added by default to customers who have not yet enabled the daily quarantine report (digest).

If you already have a daily quarantine report configured to be sent to your end users and you wish to add the link to it – go to User Interaction > Configuration > Send Daily Quarantine Report to End Users and check the Allow end users to generate a quarantine report on demand.

Note – this feature is being deployed gradually. You should see it in your portal in the upcoming week.