Introducing post-onboarding Learning Mode - a set of automated processes run right after onboarding to provide enhanced phishing detections from day oneAvanan now introduces a new post-onboarding Learning Mode, which - among other things - analyzes 13 months of historical email correspondence to establish crucial baseline to optimize phishing detection. 

Learning mode is entirely automatic and is kicked-off immediately after the connection to Microsoft 365 Mail or Google Gmail is established. This analysis takes minutes in small environments and up to one day in very large environments

During the short period of Learning Mode:

  • Administrators are alerted about detections of Malware, DLP, Shadow IT and anomalies
  • Phishing and Spam detections are temporarily disabled and are automatically enabled once Learning Mode is completed
    • Anti-Phishing analysis of all emails will return clean with an indicator that they were inspected during Learning Mode 
  • A banner is added to the dashboard and a progress indicator appears under the Phishing dashboard chart
  • The progress can be tracked in details under Audit -> System Tasks