Administrators now have visibility to the partners they work with and are alerted on partners that are potentially compromised.

Organizations maintain financial relationships with many partners. The list of partners is dynamic and changes often, making it challenging for security teams to keep track.

Furthermore, if an employee of one of your partners is compromised, attacks coming in from this user - Phishing, BEC, supply chain etc. - are especially hard to detect.

Avanan now introduces the Partner Risk Assessment dashboard, that includes a list of all the partners you work with, generated by an AI engine designed especially for this purpose.

Using intelligence from the millions of sensors across Check Point solutions from around the world (endpoint, mobile, firewalls and more), including emails inspected across all of Avanan's customers – compromised and suspected-compromised partners are flagged.

Administrators can follow up and reach out to compromised partners and even block-list their domain/s.

To access the Partner Risk Assessment dashboard, got to Analytics & Reports > Partner Risk

Note – this feature is being deployed gradually. You should see it in your portal in the next 2 months.