Avanan's support for Microsoft OneDrive is being enhanced with a new version for OneDrive SaaS Platform Security. The change will take place starting in the next 24h.

Avanan OneDrive Security

Avanan is protecting OneDrive by scanning for Malware, potential Data Leaks, as part of the integrated security for Office 365. Once enabling OneDrive as a protected SaaS platform, security admins can configure security policies for various scenarios and user scopes, generating security events and taking actions to quarantine potential threats.

The new OneDrive version

The new OneDrive version will improve the overall experience, as it improves the security engine's performance and offers enhanced system stability.

One new manual action is now introduced: "Restore from Vault". The vault is used mainly for files detected by the SmartDLP, and every drive has its own personal vault directory. With the new action, admins would be able to restore files that were sent to quarantine.

Migration Notes

As part of the migration to the new version, some customers will experience lower numbers on the counters of scanned files, for a few days. We will have to reset our counters and rescan existing files. We will only scan back 15 days, and only the files that changed over that time period.