Avanan Managed Service Provider (MSP) portal now offers a new screen that presents statistics of the security events from all the managed tenants. The new screen allows MSP security teams to get a quick overview of all their tenants' email security posture and drill down to the portals that require attention - improving the incident response workflows and administrator efficiency.

Avanan MSP Portal

Avanan offers a dedicated portal for Managed Service Providers (and Managed Security Service Providers - MSSP), in which they manage the email and web services security for their customers. Each customer gets a dedicate tenant - a "regular" Avanan portal, where the MSP can define the email or SaaS integrations, policies, and review events. The portal also offers to view the usage data of each tenant for billing purposes.

Until now, the MSP portal did not present security events, and the MSP security engineers had to drill down into each tenant to review the security posture and manage the security events.

Unified Security Events Screen

The new unified view that was added to the Avanan MSP portal presents the security events statistics for all the tenants. It shows the overall number of events that require action, with different breakdowns: by type (i.e. Phishing, Spam and DLP); and by Severity.

In addition, the view offers a grid that presents the number of events for each tenant - overall and per event type. Click on any entry would redirect the admin to the tenants' event page, filtered by the relevant event type. The screen offers filtering capabilities: search tenants by name; define desired time range; focus on specific event type; and focus on tenants with (or without) pending events. These capabilities allow to significantly improve the work efficiency of MSP security engineers, and focus only