Managed Service Providers (MSP) can now add or remove license for features and services in addition to setting the license package.

These 'license add-ons' can be added in addition to any existing package (such as 'Advanced Anti-Phishing'), and unlock new functionality. This functionality is self-service, fully controlled by the MSP. Avanan billing is updated automatically, where the add-on price is added in addition to the package billing.

The first 'license add-on' offered is 'IRaaS' - Avanan's Incident Response as a Service. When enabled, IRaaS allows Avanan Analysts to handle requests coming from the end-users (release emails from quarantine and report emails as suspected phishing). When doing so, the customer enjoys 24/7 response, within aggressive 30 minutes SLA, by a team of security experts.

To activate a license add-on, go to the MSP Portal, navigate to the Manage Tenants screen, select the relevant tenant, and click on License. Within the dialog that shows, select add-on from the add-ons list, and click Update License.

For more information on the add-ons and the pricing please contact the Avanan MSP Team.