Avanan MSP portal now supports hierarchy between Managed Service Providers (MSP). This would allow MSP that provides services to other MSPs to manage them and their sub-tenants. MSP Hierarchy allows these MSPs to:

  1. Provision of their partner/customer MSPs.
  2. Provision customers for Child MSPs under their portal.
  3. Access and manage their customers without having to set up logins for each of the MSPs logins and help support them
  4. Get access to escalated Avanan support.

Avanan MSP Portal

Avanan offers a dedicated portal for Managed Service Providers (and Managed Security Service Providers - MSSP), in which they manage the email and web services security for their customers. Each customer gets a dedicated tenant - a "regular" Avanan portal, where the MSP can define the email or SaaS integrations, policies, and review events. The portal also offers to view the usage data of each tenant for billing purposes.

Child MSP management

Top-level MSP that provides services to other MSPs can now manage a new type of tenant - ‘MSP’. This type is enabled only for relevant MSP portals.

The Child MSP is a fully functional MSP portal, that can create and manage its own sub-tenants. Child MSP is allowed to access its direct customers’ portals and review their events. 

The top-level MSP can access and manage all its Child MSP sub-tenants and get aggregated information. Top-level MSP view now includes an additional filter that allows filtering by MSP, focus on specific Child MSP at a time. 

To activate the new multi-level MSP capabilities contact the Avanan MSP account team.