Critical anomalies, indicating compromised accounts, are now more prominent in the main dashboard and in email alerts sent to administrators. 

Account takeovers and the existence of compromised accounts are among the most severe security breaches an organization can experience and they need to be handled fast.

Avanan supports a multitude of ways to detect user behavior anomalies that could potentially point to those compromised accounts.

The main dashboard now clearly separates the critical anomalies - that point to high-confidence compromised accounts - from anomalies that require further investigation and validation from administrators.

In addition, administrators can choose to receive email alerts only for critical anomalies, so they know every time they get an email alert, they need to act fast.



To find the critical anomalies in the Events page, administrators can filter by type (Anomaly) and severity (Critical).  

Note - both changes are now gradually deployed and will be available in your portal during the next week.