Organizations can now choose to archive emails at Avanan to meet regulatory compliance standards, restore lost emails and for other legal use cases.

Companies often require their email security solution to also provide with Email Archiving.

Archiving is used for various use cases, from being able to find and restore a lost email, through preparing for a litigation, to adhering to regulatory compliance requirements and more. 

Avanan now supports Email archiving, allowing organizations to store all incoming, outgoing and internal emails for 7 years, even if the protected user no longer works for them.

Administrators can filter through archived emails by several conditions and export anywhere from one email to Giga-bytes of emails. 

Every action administrators perform on the email archive is fully audited, so you can always know that no breaches or violations occur.

Email Archiving is sold as a separate package. If you wish to test it or are interested in a demo, contact your Avanan/Check Point representative.