Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.52.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-61080, AVSUPPORT-61399, AVSUPPORT-61401 A few customers experienced portal session time out occurs before configured idle time (Idle-session auto log-off). This happened due to internal server errors that resulted in session termination.
AVSUPPORT-58759, AVSUPPORT-58467, AVSUPPORT-61234 New Portal UI - link to Lastline report for malicious attachments was not presented
AVSUPPORT-61644 SmartPhish configuration "Enable phishing for disabled accounts" was turned off, but in some cases events were still generated.
AVSUPPORT-61567 Phishing link in email body was not detected due to parsing issue.
AVSUPPORT-61560 Phishing link in email body leading to a script download was not detected.
AVSUPPORT-61423 For some customers DLP results were not showing until after email recheck.
AVSUPPORT-60794 Clicking any of the links of specific email in security stack opened an empty pop-up and screen froze.
AVSUPPORT-61096 A customer that tryed to specify an email as the "Dedicated quarantine mailbox" and saving the configuration, got an error message saying that a "Restore request approver field is required", even though that field was already configured.
AVSUPPORT-60802 Emails from known good contact kept getting quarantined due to SmartPhish scoring issues.
AVSUPPORT-60683 A customer experienced MS Teams user count showing as zero due to user synchronization issue.
AVSUPPORT-60106 A custom dashboard widgets were automatically reset back to defaults.
AVSUPPORT-53583 First and Last name of MSP admin were not imported into generated tenant.