Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 815.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-23533 Fixed MSP Portal SSO sign in issues. In some cases the signing user check were not properly tested against the global user database, causing fails in login.
AVSUPPORT-23520 Fixed Gmail onboarding authorization errors, preventing from completing the onboarding. Issues cause by errors in 2-Factor authentication that was in place, pointing to a wrong user.
AVSUPPORT-23113 Fixed some SmartPhish exceptions scenarios, causing improper whitelisting or blacklisting. This is part of a larger effort to enhance these capabilities with hash and URL criteria.
AVSUPPORT-22819 Clarified text phrasing in O365 Group Selection - only single "Specific Group" is supported (and not as implied from the previous text).
AVSUPPORT-23527, AVSUPPORT-22853, AVSUPPORT-22544 Removed configuration error showing for Quarantine email mailbox. This mailbox is no longer mandatory, but the system presented warning in some cases, stating that it's not properly configured.
AVSUPPORT-21169, AVSUPPORT-21046 Fixed blank emails when downloading quarantined emails.