Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.48.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-58759, AVSUPPORT-58467 Viewing of Lastline report for malicious attachments was not available on the new Management Portal UI.
AVSUPPORT-53501 A suspended customer portal that was activated got stuck on step 2 of the O365 authorization process.
AVSUPPORT-57318 For a few customers, the users were getting quarantine notification emails even though they're not turned on on the policy.
AVSUPPORT-56988 Some phishing emails were not blocked, although containing malicious attachments. Problem was with malformed attachment name, now being scanned properly.
AVSUPPORT-57323 Microsoft Teams file page was missing the tombstone action, in some cases.
AVSUPPORT-39275 Wrong email template used for phishing alert to admin. Emails were blocked, but admin was not properly notified.
AVSUPPORT-58028 Gmail map was not showing any login events for a few customers due to missing internal process.
AVSUPPORT-58329 An email was not quarantined although identified to be malicious due to policy misconfiguration.
AVSUPPORT-58369 Custom Queries in Analytics was not showing on some occasions due to bug in new UI framework being developed.
AVSUPPORT-58368 OneDrive quarantine page did not show quarantined items, caused by migration to new OneDrive infrastructure.