Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.51.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-60306 A customer experienced faulty Okta authentication, preventing login to the management portal.
Some customers were unable to view Lastline's malware scan report on malicious attachments.
AVSUPPORT-60794 Clicking any of the links of a specific email in the security stack panel opened an empty pop-up, and the portal screen froze.
AVSUPPORT-61019 A customer experienced a significant email delivery delay.
AVSUPPORT-30864 An email was detected as malicious but not quarantined.
AVSUPPORT-60794 For many customers, home screen was taking a long time to load, showing 'spinning' indication.
AVSUPPORT-60809, AVSUPPORT-61065, AVSUPPORT-60806, AVSUPPORT-60902, AVSUPPORT-61032, AVSUPPORT-60667, AVSUPPORT-60890, AVSUPPORT-60791, AVSUPPORT-60689, AVSUPPORT-60922 Allow-list rule creation failed when using Mail Explorer. The creation dialog did not save.
AVSUPPORT-60203 Gmail onboarding failed with "service user creation error" intermittently.
AVSUPPORT-59929 In some cases, emails were quarantined but the event remained in state 'new'
AVSUPPORT-59557 A customer experienced URLs in an email that became broken after being replaced by ClickTime Protection. The new URL redirected to the “oops!” page.
AVSUPPORT-53652 An email message could not be found in the Management Portal.
AVSUPPORT-13550 System log did not export after clicking "Export to CSV" button.
AVSUPPORT-54182 Microsoft Teams full scan of users was showing "scanning users" indefinitely