Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 783.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-22959, AVSUPPORT-23170, AVSUPPORT-23030, AVSUPPORT-22680 Fixed Gmail email scanning, no emails were being scanned for new customers. Avanan failed to create new email rules due to changes in the Gmail UI and configurations.
AVSUPPORT-22265, AVSUPPORT-20664 Fixed Spam processing issues. Some spam emails were quarantined but it still showed state as "New"; monthly report had discrepancy in remediated numbers.
AVSUPPORT-22178 Fixed some of OneDrive and SharePoint files not being scanned. Accordingly, no events were generated.
AVSUPPORT-20501 Replaced Outlook logo with an Exchange Online logo.
AVSUPPORT-18533, AVSUPPORT-17995 Fixed email alerts not received from a saved query, occasionally. This happened due to wrong internal link association.
AVSUPPORT-22007, AVSUPPORT-21270 Fixed SharePoint Default Users Query - it did not filter out deleted users. As a result it did not show the correct number of SharePoint users (presented correctly in the UI).
AVSUPPORT-16570 Fixed Time and Severity columns not reacting to ascending/descending sort in the Events screen.