Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.50.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-51139 Some emails with DLP detected content were not sent to the recipient. Emails were supposed to be encrypted and sent, but never received.
AVSUPPORT-57297 Some emails, sent to user groups, were not quarantined in inline mode. The emails were detected, but due to failure in the users reading the system was unable to quarantine them.
AVSUPPORT-57543, AVSUPPORT-56855, AVSUPPORT-56070, AVSUPPORT-58468, AVSUPPORT-58057, AVSUPPORT-58149, AVSUPPORT-58445 When signed in with Okta SSO, the user got redirected to a wrong URL

AVSUPPORT-46938 Some blocklist rules were not properly matched due to wrong configuration saving.
AVSUPPORT-59837 OneDrive - the dedicated quarantine user could bot be saved.
AVSUPPORT-58894, AVSUPPORT-59511 "View Report" button showed also for some clean attachments with no report
AVSUPPORT-54438, AVSUPPORT-47636 Few phishing emails were delivered to inbox due to internal limits. Limits were lifted to prevent future incidents.
AVSUPPORT-38076 Few emails with a malicious attachment was deleted from the portal due to indexing issues.
AVSUPPORT-58781 Block/Allow rules editing allowed filling domains in the field meant for email addresses, causing processing issues.
AVSUPPORT-53281 A few impersonation emails were not blocked. SmartPhish model was updated to elevate score in similar cases.
AVSUPPORT-37163 Some clean emails older than 14 days still appeared in the quick-search and in the portal, while they should have been purged according to data retention policy.