Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 767.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-21951 Changed the Configuration > Anti-Phishing whitelist behavior for IP address lists, to be more clear to the user. The to enter an IP address now the user should press [Space], and then add another IP address (if needed). The new behavior is explained in tooltip.
AVSUPPORT-20621, AVSUPPORT-18867, AVSUPPORT-19161 Some Office 365 email analytics screen numbers were not calculated periodically (were updated  only after user clicked on the field). The fix updates the list during user login.
AVSUPPORT-20664 Inline emails were detected as spam but were not quarantined. Quarantining these emails faled also from a query. A fix was applied to the policy rules processing the emails.