Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release

Issue key Summary
AV-40014 Allow removing the admin permission in SP/OD for customers with expired token
AV-40398 Fixed email quarantine process when LastLine credentials are invalid
AV-40951 Fixed presenting elements count in the custom queries screen
AV-41119 Improved handling Gmail onboarding with inbound SEG
AV-41157 Gmail groups getting deleted
AV-41203 Fixed presentation of counters for SaaS services in the main dashboard
AV-41250 Fixed "detect and prevent" with multiple actions scenarios
AV-41361 Tuned OneDrive and SharePoint file scanning logic
AV-41430 Tuned OneDrive and SharePoint old file scanning logic
AV-41503 Fixed wrong status of login events
AV-41504 Fixed wrong count calculations
AV-41522 Fixed reading of sender IP address from email
AV-41537 Fixed G-Suite users add and removal procedure
AV-41566 Fixed group action on multiple emails on security events page
AV-41577 Fixed using a group filter without inline policy
AV-41583 Fixed custom queries page getting stuck when adding on additional filter
AV-41612 Fixed sync issues between Avanan inline policies and O365 rule
AV-41617 Fixed missed events caused by failed internal processes
AV-41649 Fixed OneDrive Full Scan file discovery issues
AV-41659 Added recheck of emails following manual classification as malware/phishing
AV-41381 Removed User Events query for ShareFile