Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release

Issue key Summary
AV-40881 Fixed Sharepoint files scanning, some files were not scanned by DLP
AV-41372 Fixed Click-Time Protection policy type now showing for some new security policies
AV-41593 Fixed "envelope" sender in "from" header, solving 501 Bad sender address syntax
AV-41669 Fixed delayed action not being taken for some busy server scenarios
AV-41670 Fixed delayed action not taken due to internal formatting issues
AV-41672 Fixed Gmail logs deletion failure
AVSUPPORT-19591 Changed service mailbox displayed in quarantine release notification instead of user requesting it
AV-41787 Fixed Click-Time Protection wrong example pattern in a list creation
AV-41839 Fixed file scanning error due to missing attribute in Dropbox, O365 emails