Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.43.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-53509 A user could not login as system responded with 'Invalid login', and when trying to reset password with reCAPTCHA system indicated an error.
AVSUPPORT-52734, AVSUPPORT-53547 Mail loop between 2 Avanan customers, generated a bounce alert. Issue is solved as part of new email connectors configuration being rolled out.
AVSUPPORT-49338 Some message were quarantined or marked as junk. Emails were not correctly reported to the database system.
AVSUPPORT-49460 Some DLP detections on the events page showed subject "a message" instead of the actual message subject.
AVSUPPORT-54182 MS Teams status showed "Scanning" forever.
AVSUPPORT-53789 An management portal was not loading due to missing DNS entries.
AVSUPPORT-48160 An anomaly was not generated for a login event, although the login was from a remote location.
AVSUPPORT-52491 O365 email protection could not be enabled as the 'Next' button on the onboarding wizard was greyed out, on a specific tenant.