Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.42.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-51569, AVSUPPORT-51742, AVSUPPORT-52476, AVSUPPORT-52414 Gmail onboarding failed due to changes made by Google to their onboarding process. Avanan onboarding was updated accordingly.
AVSUPPORT-46679, AVSUPPORT-47493 Few impersonation attacks were not detected. The emails were not scanned properly since the senders had email address that was outside of the domain but was associated with the  organization.
Similar emails search dialog had no actions to Quarantine, Release, Allow List, or Block List.
AVSUPPORT-46679 When SendGrid was authorized to to send email on behalf of organizations it was considered as internal-to-internal. Model changed now, treating such emails as external, and scanning them accordingly.
AVSUPPORT-52732 Phishing attacks passed the scans in rare cases where the AI engine 'decided' not to run advanced text analysis scan. Scan thresholds updated.
AVSUPPORT-52742, AVSUPPORT-52342 In rare case an email was sent from an internal user to an external user and was not scanned inline with DLP, while according to policies it should have been.
AVSUPPORT-50975 In some cases, attachment status was presented as malicious, but when drilling down into the attachment page, it was shown as clean.
AVSUPPORT-48817 Phishing email from internal domain was failing SPF and was not detected. The SmartPhish AI model was updated accordingly.
AVSUPPORT-52309 Impersonation email was not detected, as sender impersonated to an email MTA. Detection engine was updated accordingly.
AVSUPPORT-49943 Fixed detection for some spam emails that were missed when Mimecast is deployed in front of Avanan.
AVSUPPORT-45815 Missed spam in Russian, updates made to the detection engine.
AVSUPPORT-33701 Zoom was causing false positive anomaly events when users travelled to different locations.