Here is a list of issues that were fixed in this release - build 2.6.40.

Issue Key Description
AVSUPPORT-45318 Group filter for OneDrive and SharePoint was not configurable. This option existed for Office365 Emails only.
AVSUPPORT-50704, AVSUPPORT-50844 For some customers the Gmail Groups were not properly synchronized, causing various emails to not appear in Avanan.
AVSUPPORT-50661, AVSUPPORT-51023 Quarantining all emails matching to Blocklist rule was not working (triggered from Mail Explorer).
AVSUPPORT-49947, AVSUPPORT-43060, AVSUPPORT-45843 User-reported emails were not generating security events for some customers, due to internal indexing issue. Requests were displayed on the User Reported Phishing page.
AVSUPPORT-49668 Some emails were encrypted, although Inline DLP workflow was not configured to use Microsoft Encryption.
AVSUPPORT-46805, AVSUPPORT-28342, AVSUPPORT-31240 Reported Phishing requests were not referring to the original email for some customers using KnowBe4.
AVSUPPORT-29317 In MSP Portal, attempting to license a tenant through the Master MSP Portal presented an error message.
AVSUPPORT-47677 Microsoft Teams entities were correctly marked as DLP but the action was not triggered.
AVSUPPORT-50023, AVSUPPORT-48382, AVSUPPORT-33224 A few customers experienced multiple notifications to Admins when declining one user reported phishing email.
AVSUPPORT-49068, AVSUPPORT-50872 Click Time Protection was adding additional chars to original link when the link ended with ')' character (closing parenthesis).
AVSUPPORT-43257 Group dismiss of anomaly events was not working properly, events were not getting dismissed. Single dismiss worked as expected.
AVSUPPORT-33846, AVSUPPORT-31557, AVSUPPORT-32164, AVSUPPORT-33309 'Restored by' column in the Requests to Restore screen did not show correct values for IRaaS customers
AVSUPPORT-51157 Some customers were not seeing any login data from Office 365 audit logs. Dashboard heat map showed no data, and custom queries for recent login events return no results either.
AVSUPPORT-28628 When going to the SaaS Apps page to start Microsoft Teams, a customer experienced page redirection to a 404 page.